FMF Atelier

FMF Atelier has been operating for 40 years in the high joinery market, designing and producing luxury furniture for every style.

The characteristic that differentiates FMF Atelier from other artisan realities is the ability to solve any problem that arises during the design and research of the materials proposed in the various projects.


Franco Martinello has succeeded in transferring his passion to the people working with him, thus creating a highly-qualified team of master carpenters who work with competence and dedication.

Design Service

Our work begins with the discussion of requests received from designers and architects. During the design brief our team examines the style required for each project, going into the deep details for the material required and all the specifications.

Each project is completely custom-made in which we evaluate and select the best solution and the different opinions of materials and finishes in order to meet the customer’s need.