Elegant house imperial style

In this prestigious Imperial style kitchen elegance goes hand in hand with functionality. Details and decorations that underline a constant commitment to defining projects to high quality standards have a great impact.
Small sculptural elements and symbolic forms or floral motifs are hand carved and illuminated with gold leaf.
The white surfaces are in tune with the handcarved borders, pillars and capitals.
The Delia kitchen draws attention not just because of its dimensions, but also for its charming decorative elements; an example is the cof fered ceiling on different levels, with indirect perimeter illumination and hand carved roses and rosettes.
This extremely refined room is complete with Tiffany style French windows with leaded lights.
The kitchen units are in brushed oak; the framed doors have carved decorations enhanced by silver leaf.

Delia comes in several types of wood, decorated with gold or silver leaf or lacquered.